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Client Review: 5 reasons why Home at Last is a great choice for first time buyers!

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Gina was asking herself 'How do I buy my first home?' Find out about Gina's experience using Home at Last's property advisory services.

Gina had started and stopped her property search a few times over the past couple of years before deciding enough was enough and booked her free consultation with Home at last. She had followed property coaches on instagram and felt like she'd been thorough in her internet search of property guides, but wasn't convinced when push came to shove that she'd be able to bite the bullet and move forward with a property. She chose Home at Last after watching useful tips on Instagram and wanted to share how she has found the process so far. Here's 5 reasons Gina is grateful that she chose Home at Last:

1. You are protected from your well-meaning, experience-lacking, self.

First time buyers, tend to buy with their heart - Dani's coaching advice offers you the best balance of listening to the desires of your heart but also being objective to make sure you also get value for money! Estate agents smell an eager first-time buyer's vulnerability to the competitive market and know we are confused by property jargon ! Dani's expertise and confidence shields you away from the seduction of a sweet-talking estate agent who's waiting to sell an overpriced property to you!

2. Home at last is like property therapy

Dani is a patient listener- and having her just a phone call or text away is priceless in this journey! First time buying is hard. Friends and family may be supportive but they have their limits with how often they will listen to you wrestle with whether a one bed with a balcony is worth the price listed, or if the property is worth a 70 minute commute. Dani offers a listening ear to understand your concerns, fears, worries and anxiety and takes the time to listen in order to consider how best to support you on this journey. In times of doubt, Dani reminds you to think about the bigger picture (owning your home) and not be intimidated by the property market.

3. You need someone in your corner

Dani offers a perseverant spirit which is great as finding properties is tough! From my own experience, in a split second you can be confident about a decision to buy a property and then in a moment realise it’s not the right fit for you. After all, for many first time buyers it could be the first time ever investing a large pot of savings. As a first time buyer, you’re looking for what’s best for you that you can call home. Dani offers a firm challenge that your first home may not be your Disney dream house. Dani will challenge you to consider why a property is and is not for you, so you can better understand what you really want! This helps eliminate time spent visiting properties that aren't the right fit. Dani helps you decipher what a property needs to have for you to be content with making an offer so you don't get distracted by an extra bedroom that you don't need in a property that's pushing you to the absolute max of your budget.

4. The art of negotiating

Dani can skilfully articulate and negotiate on your behalf with a seller. This is such a relief, especially when it’s your first time buying a property. Dani's tact and awareness about the property market leaves you in good standing with Sellers so that you won’t be bull-dozed around!

5. Marathon or Sprint, Home at last goes the distance

For some, buying a property may be a quick decision, for others, a long road. A quick google search shows that home buying is top 5 in the list of 'most stressful things you will engage in'. Having Dani by your side removes the isolation and stress. It’s always easier to run a marathon or a sprint when someone is cheering you along! Wishing all first time buyers the very best ! With Home at last you'll definitely be on the right track (no pun intended) to finding the right place.

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