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A little bit about me...

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I remember sitting in my rented room at university listening to my friend try and convince me that buying a property was achievable from a young age and the benefits of getting on the property ladder sooner rather than later. As a student, living on eggs and Oats and Raisin cookies, buying a property seemed like a pipe dream until I began my research and realised that my friend was right. Buying a home was within my reach if I could prioritise the purchase above some of life’s comforts. 3 years later at 24 I bought my first flat and in the process, became obsessed with the property market.


What had started as a personal journey to getting on the ladder and having a home of our own for my husband and I turned into a passion to see everyone I knew holding their keys to their first homes. Since then I’ve bought, sold, and advised, sharing my knowledge and experience to make the buying process as pain free as possible.


It’s been a pleasure to watch a client's dreams of home ownership come true. Get in touch to find out how I and my team of brokers, solicitors and surveyors help you move.

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